Radio Jingles – Music for Radio Commercials

We create fresh radio commercial and radio jingles that will repeat and stick in the listeners head for a long time. Your message will make through the noise with Juicy Jingles.

Radio Jingles - Example

A jingle is a short tune and contains one or several hooks that should encourage a certain response with a message. Often used together with a company’s slogan. You can use a jingle in advertising like television and radio commercials but also as an introduction to a podcast.

Commercials with music have been traced back to 1923 and they are still used successfully as an efficient commercial tool.

Radio Jingles – How to make a Juicy Jingle

The Juicy Jingles process to create a successful radio commercial follow a few steps to produce the best results. These is a concept overview how we work.

Design process


A typical project starts with an idea or a purpose from a client. Here it is very important that we understand the client’s business and how “the dots are connected”. Then depending on the size of the project we have a number of brainstorming session with or without the client. This results in a couple of prototypes / concepts / alternatives. So far everything is on the paper. Then we take decisions which concept to actually produce. To finalize the result we record the sound and melodies in our studio and invite session artists and singers to perform. Our music producer then mix all together and we show the client the semi-final results. The client can come up with adjustments and of course we can iterate the whole process if necessary.

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